→ The pass to whole festival costs 450 CZK.

→ The weekend price is 350 CZK.

→ Discount festival pass for students and and senior citizens costs 300 CZK.

For all festival passes visitors are provided with nextbike voucher worth 100 CZK.

The accreditations can be purchased at ticket offices of cinemas and at selected venues:

- Cineport (Moravská Ostrava 3369, 702 00 Ostrava)

- Minikino (Kostelní 2572/ 3, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz)

- PLATO (Janáčkova 22, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava)

Whether you have purchased a voucher or received an electronic ticket, you are asked to exchange it for an Accreditation pass. Tickets to individual film screenings can also be purchased at the screening venues and cinemas.


This year we offer a cheap accommodation worth 70 CZK a night right next to the accreditation center in Vítkovice. We advise it only to brave spectators who own their sleeping bag, sleeping pad and who are willing to give up their comfort zone for high quality cinema experience. Please, contact us on the e-mail adress kapralova@kameraoko.com
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