George Chiper-Lillemark


George Chiper-Lillemark was born in 1979 in Focsani and now lives in Copenhagen, where he specializes in cinematography and directing. He studied philosophy at the University of Bucharest and then cinematography at UNATC IL Caragiale. In his sophomore year, he co-directed Balastiera # 186 (2009) with his Adina Pintilie and his graduate project The Palm Lines (2009), which was screened at festivals in Locarno and Rotterdam. He then appeared behind the camera in Gabriel Achim’s famous film S-VHS Visul lui Adalbert (2011) and then went to Turkey, where he collaborated with Emin Alper on the film Beyond the Hill (2012). Subsequently, his journey led to the Kurdish Far East to Mount Ararat, where he and Erol Mintas made the short film Snow (2010) to meet again after a few years to shoot Erol Mintas’ first feature film Les chants de ma mère (2014). Together with Mihai Mincan, he made and directed The Comet (2017) and the feature documentary The Man Who Would Be Free (2019). They celebrated ten years since their first collaboration with director Adina Pintilie while working on her first feature film, Touch Me Not (2018), which won the Golden Bear at the 68th Berlin Film Festival. His next achievement was the feature debut of Monica Stan Imaculat (2021), where he made a camera and as a director. With this film, they won the award for best debut at the 78th Venice Film Festival.

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