Blood Kin

Czech republic | 2021 | 85 min | director Miroslav Bambušek | DoP Jakub Halousek | screenplay Miroslav Bambušek | cast Miloslav König, Karel Dobrý, Miloslav Mejzlík, Tereza Hofová, Juraj Bača, Jakub Gottwald, Jiří Černý, Jakub Folvarčný, Tomáš Bambušek
A film drama about our present: Otto Hille, the story´s protagonist, is hired to lead old Švarc to the land of his ancestors. The old man would like to go through a painful purgatory to make peace with what he has been hiding all his life. Thanks to this pilgrimage, Otto returns to the ruined German village of Vitín, a place at the center of the whole story. Here he also meets the ghost of his grandfather Otfried. He falls back into 1945 and witnesses the events that cause his nightmares and terrors. The past is the key to the present.
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