Somewhere Over the Chemtrails

Czech republic | 2022 | 90 min | director Adam Koloman Rybanský | DoP Matěj Piňos | screenplay Adam Koloman Rybanský | cast Miroslav Krobot, Michal Isteník, Anna Polívková, Jiří Vymětal, Marek Pospíchal, Albert Čuba, Vladimír Škultéty and others
Villagers are getting ready for Easter, the guys outside the pub commenting on green beer and the dangers of chemtrails, when a van crashing into a fountain disrupts the celebration in the village square. The driver manages to disappear, but it was clear to everyone that this was an act of terrorism. The safety of the entire village now depends on the firefighters, their determination, and their actions. The fire chief and deputy are lifelong friends, like father and son, mentor, and student. With the other firefighters, they embark on a search for the culprit and must ensure a smooth Easter. For the Chief, the whole situation is an unprecedented boost, and he becomes the hero of the moment and a firm reassurance for the entire neighborhood. But his deputy is a little hesitant, he and his wife are expecting a child, and he is learning for the first time what it is to be overly worried about his family. He’s got a good heart. He believes too much in what he’s told and finds on the Internet. In the end, perhaps it would be better if there was a fire…
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