Under the Paving Stones, the Beach

Czech republic | 2013 | 52 min | director Radim Špaček | DoP David Čálek | screenplay Jakub Felcman
Under the Paving Stones, the Beach was made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Czech Television. It is composed of experts’ reflection and commentary on what its existence meant and what positive things it brought. What is the point of its service, and what is the future of such a public service medium? It recapitulates engagingly the domestic and European development of the requirements that have been and are being placed on it. The programme features prominent personalities inextricably linked to public service broadcasting (Greg Dyke, Jiří Pittermann, Andrej Krob, Ivo Mathé), philosophers and essayists (Václav Bělohradský, Petr Fischer), media experts (Milan Kruml, Milan Šmíd, Karel Hvížďala) and those who have contributed to public service broadcasting through their daily work. The programme takes a serious and humorous look at public service broadcasting.
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