I Thought We Were Talking About Posters

Lecture | Bohdan Heblík | 90'
You can't really design in the film industry anymore. The clients will come to you like in The Snowdrop Festival: "Master, do you have some screwed-up picture?" but in the end, they will show you what they have invited you to do – to operate programs and create print data for the latent desire for templating. After all, they know best what such a poster should look like – just like all the others. I'm still convinced that the film poster is not that important and might be as accessible as ever. It wasn't edited. It was replaced by a trailer. And so even the designers in the film industry have been replaced by advertising and marketing experts, people close to the money - producers because they know exactly what a poster like this should look like. In this talk, we'll look at a few case studies of creating a design for a film, why and how I decided to write a book about this phenomenon, and try to figure out together how to break out of this vicious cycle of show business and collective work back to trust and authorship.
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