Bohdan Heblík

Bohdan Heblík (*1978) has more than two hundred posters on his account, alongside a few visual identities (permanent and seasonal) and countless print graphic (but also motion) works during his professional life. Born at the gateway to the Iron Mountains, he has lived and worked in Prague since 2007.
He was granted numerous awards, from the European Design Awards to the Interpretive Dictionary of the Year, for his work on the Czech Philharmonic catalogue, where he introduced jargon terms into the concert yearbook. He founded the publishing house Najekni, which published the book Reflection of Czech Film Posters. He collaborates with the Studio of Game Media at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno (headed by Vojtěch Vaněk). In the past, under the Press Start label, he presented dramaturgically comprehensive lectures on various aspects and details of video games to the public. At the same time, under the pseudonym Hranostajl, he acts as the uncrowned king of Czech Twitch, where he creates graphic works together with the audience or otherwise democratizes the field of graphic design and video gaming.

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