Denisa Buranová

Denisa Buranová graduated from FTF VŠMU Bratislava as a doctoral student. She works on feature, documentary, and commercial projects with directors such as Iveta Grófová, Teodor Kuhn, and Maria Pinčíková. She won the Slovak Film Award Slnko v sieti for her cinematography in her debut film, Little Harbour, directed by Iveta Grófová. The film also received the Crystal Bear in the Generation section at the 2017 Berlinale Film Festival. Her second feature film, Sharp Knife, won the main prize at the Slovak Cinematography Association Awards. She has just finished working on the animated stop-motion fairy tale Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light directed by Filip Pošivac. The film was screened at Annecy 2023, where it won the Jury Prize in the “Contrechamp” category.

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