Haruna Honcoop

Haruna Honcoop is a Czech-Japanese film director. She debuted at FAMU with an experimental documentary and cross-media project, Built to Last – Relics of Communist-Era Architecture (2017), awarded at ArchFilm Lund, which filmed in 11 countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Her shorter film from FAMU, True or False (2016), about Czech Chinese relations, got an award at the This Human World Film Festival (Vienna). Her documentary film Olympic Halftime, about the fate of the Olympic buildings in Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, and Greece, premiered at the documentary festival in Jihlava this year. She has made several short films for Czech Television, including documentary portraits of writers in Hungarian and Icelandic reading books series, and exhibits video art in gallery installations. Annexes (Annexions) is her first medium-length film feature film.

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