Pavel Berkovič

Pavel Berkovič Cinematographer, photographer, graphic designer, and musician. For him, the camera represents a means of communication, expressing an emotion or just a mere information about reality or its paraphrase. The recorded images, whether on film stock or in digital media, are to have a single and cultivated value so that by simplifying, i.e., framing the image in its portable format, a sign or symbol is achieved that speaks of reality, i.e., communicates. And this is the mission that fulfills me as a cinematographer.

But for communication to occur, there must be communicative themes that address the viewer and are not just unnecessarily elementary. This is the basis of my support for young filmmakers, which is why the film About Small Things was made. I hope it will inspire other such projects and my further filmmaking work. Such a film is 40 Roles. 40 Roles, which I am currently finishing, has been seven years in the making. There is formally 1 roll of 16mm film per actor, 10 minutes of material for which we must express one human character. So, it is a mosaic of characters that takes advantage of the location’s authenticity and the filmmakers’ connection in a limited time and crew. The filmmakers are exposed to a series of intrinsic connections that are just for the moment and are recorded by that moment. What emerges is a film that speaks to the human being, its layers, its pettiness and greatness, its banality, and its need to create. It will premiere in the spring of 2024.

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