Czech Republic | 2022 | 71' | DOP: Jan Skriečka | director: Jan Březina
Erhart returns to his hometown to visit his mentally ill mother when he finds that their dilapidated house is for sale, and they are to move out immediately. Moreover, his hospitalized mother claims that his missing father has returned to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Novotny, a local industrialist living in far more lavish surroundings, has decided to run for the Senate. His underage daughter Bíba wants to make an election video for him, and Erhart's arrival makes it difficult for her. The film tells a detective story of a likely parents' past against the backdrop of their children's romantic present, only to link the two worlds gradually and irreversibly. What does Novotný have in common with Erhart's father, who was first sent to prison and later disappeared to an unknown destination? How will the charming therapist Fany, who connects the two families and generations, shake things up? What really happened in the 1990s, during the transition from dictatorship to democracy, in this symbolic provincial town with its steel mill, where small and big secrets literally converge?
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