Grand Prix

Czech Republic, Slovakia | 2022 | 107' | DOP: David Hofmann | director: Jan Prušinovský
The new film comedy by director Jan Prušinovský tells the story of two cousins, Roman (Kryštof Hádek) and Emil (Robin Ferro), whose dream is to get into Formula 1 racing. Roman runs a dingy car dealership on the outskirts of town, has three children and a vivacious wife (Anna Kameníková). Emil, a keen lover of order, runs his garage in the city center and knows almost everything about cars. When one day Emil wins tickets to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in a TV competition, neither of them knows that their dream trip will soon turn into a wild ride across Europe. Especially when Štětka (Štěpán Kozub), Roman's friend and a local troublemaker, comes along for the ride.
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