France, Germany, Czech Republic | 2023 | 50' | DOP: Jana Hojdová | director: Haruna Honcoop
Based on a screenplay by Belgian writer Stanislas Cotton, and directed by Haruna Honcoop, Annexes (Annexions) plays with Dadaist themes of a post-Orwellian world order in which all logic has lost meaning. In Timeless, a group of students finds themselves in a warped, weird world in a town whose territory and culture are absorbed by the new rules, language, and culture of a stronger, more expansive neighbor. Both parents and their children must learn the skeletal newspeak and submit to a new order. In the end, however, at least a ray of hope for a better tomorrow shines through. The film is not so much a dystopia but an allegory to current events. The entire film is set against a stylized backdrop inspired by Lars von Trier's Dogville, accompanied by the frantic strings of Dimitri Shostakovich, and performed by a 30-piece orchestra conducted by French conductor Jacques Mercier. The film was made within the Erasmus+ student programme in a French–German–Czech coproduction.
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