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Václav Drozd


Netherland | 2010 | 112 min. | director: Allan Sekula, Noël Burch | DoP: Attila Boa, Wolfgang Thaler | screenplay: Allan Sekula, Noël Burch 

The film essay is based on the assumption that the sea represents the main scene of globalisation. It follows the voyage of huge cargo ships and Rotterdam’s automated port from the perspective of crane operators, and gives an insight into precarited truck drivers in California, displaced farmers and anonymous sailors. The film opens a Pandora’s box of capitalism, best represented by the container as the main unit of the transportation system. It combines elements of an observation documentary with interviews and archive footage.




Poland | 2018 | 61 min. | director: Jaśmina Wójcik | DoP: Kacper Czubak | screenplay: Igor Stokfiszewski, Jaśmina Wójcik

The main characters in the film are the former workers of the defunct Polish Ursus tractor factory. The director gives them the opportunity to return to a job that no longer exists and to recall the movements they performed while working. The film sensitively documents how collaborative work became the core of their identity and a source of pride. It is a collective work created through long-term cooperation with the factory workers bringing a melancholy and sadness to the viewers that comes with the irreplaceable job loss that resulted in the ruins of a demolished factory.

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