Miroslav Janek


Miroslav Janek was born in 1954 in Náchod, Czechoslovakia. He began as an amateur filmmaker. In 1980 he immigrated to the United States where he worked with a number of documentarists (e.g. Godfrey Reggio). After he had returned he succeeded with with his film about sight-impaired photographers The Unseen (1996). Janek’s extensive filmography, more than 40 documentaries, includes Battle for Life (2000, codir. Roman Vávra and Vít Janeček), Crimson Sails (2001) with Forman brothers, and Citizen Havel (2008). He also made portraits of director Drahomíra Vihanová, (Burning, 2012), Olga Havlová (Olga, 2014), and Vratislav Brabenec (The Gospel According to Brabenec, 2014).

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