Ostrava Kamera Oko and Genot Centre present: a special audiovisual night

Ostrava Kamera Oko International Film Festival in cooperation with the Prague music publish-er Genot Centre is planning a special audiovisual night in the PLATO gallery in Ostrava. It will take place on Saturday, 2 October and will run from 9pm to 6am. The intense musical and visual experience will end with a shared breakfast at sunrise.

Ostrava Kamera Oko presents: Genot Centre Audiovisual Night in Plato event that will accompany the main film programme of Ostrava Kamera Oko. For this occasion, we have approached the Prague music publishing house Genot Centre, which is behind, for example, the popular series of all-night concerts Silent Night. The programme, tailored to the place and the festival theme, which this year is various forms of paradise, will be supervised by musician, publicist, and dramaturg Ondřej Lasák.

“Music is the most abstract art, and for me the most effective means of freeing myself from ra-tionality. For some, spirituality is connected with faith, for others with nature. I feel that some-thing transcends me most often because of sound. Therefore, when preparing the programme in the PLATO gallery, I did not have to forcibly graft this year’s paradise theme onto the final even-ing of the festival, which we are responsible for dramaturgically with the Genot Centre,” he says.

In the course of the evening, night, and morning in the city gallery PLATO Ostrava ten different domestic and foreign musicians or musical groups will be presented in turn, for example, the Berlin-based Taiwanese multimedia artist Sabiwa, American musician Giant Claw, young rapper Arleta, sound artist Natálie Pleváková, visual artist and musician Tomáš Knoflíček , and Lišaj – an ambient music project by Mikuláš Odehnal. Genre-wise, the programme will range from post-industrial electronica to unconventional rap to futuristic pop. The musical experience will be complemented by visual installations and projections, and the ritual end of the night will be provided by artist Lucie Králíková, known under the pseudonym Efemér. In addition, shared breakfast will be prepared for all participants at sunrise.

There will be a limited capacity of 50 people at the event, so the organisers recommend getting your ticket for the Genot Centre Audiovisual Evening at PLATO in advance. Holders of a festival pass will be able to purchase the ticket at a discounted price.

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