Kryštof Hlůže (*1990) graduated from the Supermedia studio at UMPRUM and studied cinematogrpahy at FAMU in Prague. In addition to his work as a cinematographer on feature films and documentaries, he also collaborates on videos and films by contemporary visual artists, regularly working with Martin Kohout, Jakub Jansa, Valentýna Janů, Radek Brousil and Johana Střížková. He also participated in the production of Adéla Komrzý's feature-length documentary Viva video, a video viva about Czech video art. His work is characterized by a strong work with light, and in addition to the camera he also works with light design. He is one of the founders of the techno label Polygon and the independent creative platform Hyperaktiv Studios.

The masterclass will include a screening of the latest videos by Jakub Jansa (Club of Opportunities) and Valentýna Janů (Hair Flip), on which Hlůže collaborated. It will also focus on his work on the above-mentioned projects.
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