Czech Republic | 2016 | 4 min. | DoP: Tomáš Frkal | screenplay/director: Šimon Štefanides, Tomáš Frkal | cast: Veronika Lapková, Lukáš Šimon
Anticorro is a famous exercise of the FAMU camera department shot on 35mm black and white in the studio. The original brief was for an advertising spot for stainless steel knives. Over time, the author's concepts began to be loser. In this case, we're heading into the near future, where our heroine is threatened by a dangerous robot.

Swim test

Czech Republic | 2018 | 14 min. | DoP: Tomáš Frkal | director: Šimon Štefanides | screenplay: Marie Junová | cast: Anna Fialová, Daniel Vízek, Vasil Fridrich, Andrea Elsnerová
A young mother must follow strict rules for seeing her son. She can do so only rarely and in the presence of a social worker. During one encounter in the pool, she tries to reconnect with her son, as they have grown distant over the years of separation. Just when it seems she might win her son's affection, memories of the failure that led to their violent separation inevitably catch up with her.

white room

Czech Republic | 2021 | 6 min. | DoP: Tomáš Frkal | director: Jakub Jirásek | screenplay: Tomáš Frkal, Jakub Jirásek | cast: Viktorie Macánová, Mária Zajacová, Adda Keddam, Eduard Vlk, Poonam Suthar
A short film oscillating between fiction and documentary introduces the viewer to a not very well-known torture method called white room torture. This means of torture confines the prisoner to a cell where everything is white with a constant white light and only white rice served for meals. One of the side effects of this torture is the gradual erasure of the prisoner's visual memory. This is the central motif of the film, which draws on the testimony of an anonymous Iranian political prisoner. He spent eight months in a white cell in Evin, and eventually could not even remember his own parents' faces.

The Glory of Terrible Eliz

Czech Republic | 2021 | 28 min. | DoP: Tomáš Frkal | directors and screenplay: Adam Struhala, Eliška Kováříková | cast: Karolína Paterová, Vít Gajdoš, Lukáš Hogen, Yasin Svoboda, Lukáš Souček, Nina Strnadová, Šimon Janeček, Martina Čurdová, Vojtěch Mašek, Saša Gedeon, Roman Čedík | prodution: Miloš Lochman, Barbora Skoumalová
In the school cafeteria, three friends tell stories about their classmate Eliz, who is the focus of their interest. The boys deal with their affection for her in their own way: they compete with each other to see who can come up with the better and scarier story. In all of them, Eliz plays the role of the main, demonic heroine. One tells a scary story, one tells a sports story, and one adds a romantic story. But is everything true, or just figments of their imagination? The film tells the story of pre-pubescent boys encountering the opposite sex for the first time. Boys at this age start to be fascinated by girls, but at the same time, this unfamiliarity makes them afraid in a way and they don't know how to deal with it.
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