Heavens Above

Serbia | 2021 | 122 min. | DoP: Dušan Joksimović director and screenplay: režie Srdjan Dragojevic | cast: Goran Navojec, Ksenija Marinkovic, Natasa Markovic
Stojan (Goran Navojec) is as dull and simple as he is kindhearted. When a freak accident changing a light bulb puts a glowing halo above his head, he quickly becomes the new attraction around town. His wife Nada (Ksenia Marinkovic) isn’t at all amused about the unwanted attention amongst their neighbors. After several tries, nothing can remove the shining annoyance and turn her husband back to his former unremarkable self. Stojan, the unwilling saint, begins to like his new lifestyle and quickly turns to sinister crimes. This dark comedy explores the impact of miracles on modern society.
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