Czech Republic | 2021 | 9 min. | director: Helena Fikerová, Tereza Říhová | DoP: Helena Fikerová | screenplay: Helena Fikerová, Tereza Říhová | cast: Dominika Hašková, Václav Vašák, Barbara Lukešová, Valerie Volfová, Kateřina Procházková
Natural landscapes and folklore bring along fairy-tale magic and beauty, but also harsh reality. A young woman lives a life in harmony with the cycles of the mountain countryside. Will she have the courage to face all that is in store for her? When it comes to fatal love, time becomes a relative quantity and the boundaries between reality and dreams blur.

Although Helena Fikerová has been fascinated by storytelling through images since childhood, she only got into the camera after studying physics with a specialisation in quantum optics. The film Spící/Dreaming is one of the graduation films with which she is completing her Bachelor's degree in cinematography at FAMU. At FAMU, she collaborates mainly with director Petr Pylypčuk on feature films, and with director Terezia Halamová, with whom she creates music videos. For the Move Honey video, both artists won a special jury award at Papaya Young Directors 2020.
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