Sing for Us

Czech Republic | 2020 | 22 min. | director: Terézia Halamová | DoP: Lubomír Ballek | screenplay: Terézia Halamová | cast: Karolína Lipowská
A stifling and seemingly boring summer afternoon presents fourteen-year-old Eva with several challenges. While she can hide from the piercing rays of the sun in the cool waters of a nearby pond, the longing for love and inclusion in the group of older friends cannot be solved by water alone. A sensitive portrait of coming-of-age is supported by poetic cinematography allowing a glimpse into the insecure inner-self of a shy teenage girl.

Lubomír is a graduate of FAMU's Department of Cinematography, who is primarily interested in feature and documentary filmmaking. In addition to the film Sing For Us, which he made for director Terézie Halamová, he also made a short film Seznámení/ Encounter (Film Festival Cottbus).
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