Czech Republic, Switzerland | 2021 | 75 min. DoP: Yvon Teysslerová | director and screenplay: Fiona Ziegler | cast: Dominique Jann, Hana Vagnerová, Ivan Pokorný, Andri Schenardi, Vratislav Brabenec, Heidi Maria Glössner, Matyáš Řezníček, Robert Nebřenský
Evžen was born and raised in Switzerland, but he was always a bit of a bohemian, so he decided to leave the bourgeois world there, where he didn't fit in very well. After he turned thirty, he moved to Prague, from where his father emigrated in 1968 and never returned. Despite his mature age, Evžen is still not quite able to stand up to his domineering father, for whom the Czech Republic and Prague are a long-forgotten past. All he cares about is a good reputation and a decent-paying private dental practice in Bern, Switzerland. Evžen, on the other hand, runs his dream music club in Prague, experiences both fatal love and a fatal misfortune, and in the end, it looks like he will have to return to Switzerland for some time…
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