Italy, France, USA, Qatar | 2021 | 100 min | director Yuri Ancarni | DoP Yuri Ancarni | screenplay Yuri Ancarni | cast Daniele Barison, Maila Dabala, Bianka Berényi, Alberto Tedesco
To keep up with youth in the lagoons of Venice, you need to get on a fast speedboat. Away from the picture- postcard landscape of canals and gondolas lies a parallel world whose pace is frantic yet monotonous. Instead of cars, there are boats — the goal is to go faster than the others or to charm a girl. Ancarni further develops his unique handwriting, in which plot, sensitive observation, and the exceptional geometric quality of individual scenes are not everything. The story of its kind becomes the very transformation of the narrative form in the course of the film, opening up unexpected corners of our imagination.
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