Boyse (Petr Vrba / Martin Nábělek)

The duo of multi-instrumentalist Petr Vrba and audiovisual experimenter Martin Nábělek found their neuralgic point on their debut recording Kinokoragů (きのこラグー), which recreates the aesthetic of cyberpunk as Frankenstein, but the original, not a remake, just a change of scenery. Without color printing and with a view of lived reality. As if it were a tribute to all those who have foreseen hell in the furthest reaches of the imagination, from those who already live in the future and know that reality can always surpass artistic vision. Boyse discovers his cybertopoi through the granular and electroacoustic synthesis of sound with overlap into unexplored visual dimensions of the generative neural network. “The soul is left with the task of creating systems, organizing diverse experiences, and trying to understand the universe from them. To the soul belongs the patience with which it has learned throughout the long history of knowledge. The past of the soul is so distant! The soul does not live over time. It finds its peace in the universes that dreaming in imagery creates.” (Gaston Bachelard: The Poetics of Dreaming)
Foto: Marienbad Film Festival

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