Hadaikum en

Nela Britaňáková and Adéla Chorá met in the Ceramics Studio at UMPRUM in Prague. Later, they founded a wannabe creative group where the medium of ceramics was no longer enough and the activity began to develop with other materials, experience, interests and collaboration. Hadaikum creates objects of everyday use (mugs, candles, candlesticks, chocolate boxes, …) and explores the limits of their usability. The source of inspiration is the surroundings, nature and Sunday fairy tales from the nineties. All items will naturally find use at the events organized by Hadaikum (plant bazaars, tender picnics and celebratory dinners). At OKO, Trippy will prepare a Tablecloth picnic, which will take place as part of the programme Breakfast: Weir of Sounds of curator Pavel Klusák.

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