Ivan Palacký en

Musician and architect Ivan Palacký is one of the best free improvisers on the Czech scene. Over the last twenty years he has made several international and Czech collaborations: titles co-written with him have been released on major labels for experimental and contemporary music in the USA, Japan, the UK, and elsewhere. Palacký uses a Dopleta knitting machine as a sound source for many of his performances. His instruments also include an acoustic guitar, dictaphone, looper, and a fan, and the musician himself is also a singer and narrator. His long-time collaborators include Peter Graham, Andrea Neumann, and Toshimaru Nakamura, and he is a member of the Prague Improvisation Orchestra. He has experience with a play that complements the film projection for a different, broader understanding from his collaboration for the Ji.Hlava IDFF. After years of pure abstraction, he returned to his songwriting as the leader of the group Pátí na svět.
Foto: Štefan Bérec

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