Martin Režný en

Martin Režný (born 1973 in Ostrava) co-founded the XXXHX’XOXˇXXOXX theatre and performed in Jiří Surůvka’s cabaret Return of the Entertainment Masters. He was a theatre dramaturge, and has played in the bands V koupelně je břitva I Razor in the Bathroom, Ghettoswingers, Krausofon Dygital (MC split with Batalj, Nomad Sky Diaries 2015), and Sklo / Glass (CD Sound Quadrature, Sky Burial 2017). He composes music for radio (26-hour soundtracks for, three pieces performed by ČRo Vltava) and a few theatres. Under the name Säkkikangas, he releases cassettes and vinyl on Korobushka Records. Since 2017 he has been the music dramaturge of the Fiducia Gallery in Ostrava.

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