The Doe

Czech republic | 2021 | 9 min | director Matěj Piňos, Adam Koloman Rybanský | DoP Matěj Piňos | screenplay Lucie Kryzová, Tomáš Frkal | cast Barbora Bočková, Martin Šesták
After a fight in the car, a woman runs away from her husband and ends up in a hunting lodge in the middle of a snowy forest, where an unconventional hunting party is taking place. The man soon finds the woman and tension and frustration grows between them. The cold, urban look of the estranged couple does not fit the animalistic atmosphere of the hunting lodge, which is warm but somewhat obscure. The woman accepts the rules of the party, mixing human instincts with animal ones, and begins to play a game with the man that tests the limits of their relationship.
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