Women Behind Camera

Film industry employment is based mainly on freelance work and social networking. Irregular and excessively long working hours and unstable and often non-transparent working conditions lead many people to burnout and other health problems, sometimes even thoughts of changing careers. Unsustainable working environments affect women and other minorities in particular. The position of women cinematographers is particularly precarious. The representation of women in cinematography is still deficient. Compared to the primary professions (directing, scriptwriting, acting, production, and cinematography), the proportion of female cinematographers is by far the lowest. How hard is it to make it in this traditionally "male" discipline and fight prejudice? And how challenging is it for female cinematographers to combine a demanding work schedule with other life roles? The panel guests will share their experiences in the industry, discuss how initiatives support women cinematographers’ work, and help and compare with other media industries.
Moderator: Festival Programmer
Louise Højgaard Johansen
Guests: Cinematographer Catherine Goldschmidt, Journalist Linda Bartošová and
Cinematographer Helena Fikerová
Cinematographer Rachel Morrison who became the first woman nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography, photo: Logan White
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