Who's Stopping Us

Spain | 2021 | 220 min | director Jonás Trueba | DoP Jonás Trueba | screenplay Jonás Trueba | cast Candela Recio, Pablo Hoyos, Silvio Aguilar, Rony-Michelle Pinzaru, Pablo Gavira, Claudia Navarro, Marta Casado, Sancho Javiérez
QUIÉN LO IMPIDE (Who’s Stopping Us) is a call to change our perception of adolescents and youths; our idea of those born in the early 21st century who have recently reached adulthood; those who now seem guilty of everything as they themselves see their hopes dashed. Somewhere between documentary, fiction and pure testimonial record, the young adolescents show themselves the way they really are, the way we rarely see them, or the way they let us see them: taking advantage of the film camera to show off the best of themselves and renew our trust in the future; from fragility and emotion, with humour, intelligence, beliefs and ideas. Because the young people who speak to us about love, friendship, politics or education refer not only to their own situation, but to the things that always matter to us, at any age. QUIÉN LO IMPIDE is a film about ourselves: about what we were, what we are and what we will continue to be.
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