Net Worth

2023 | Czech Republic | 48' | DOP: Daniel Rajmon, Tamara Spalajković, Ondřej Silný, Martin Dominik Kratochvíl , Jarek Kaláb | director: Daniel Rajmon, Tamara Spalajković, Jakub Daněk
A narrative medium-length video called Net Worth is set in the near future and deals with speculation about the possible impact of using brain-computer interface (BCI) technology. The implant is becoming commonplace among most of the population and thus fundamentally accelerating everyday life (communication, access to information, and the causes of Internet addiction). The fictional story is set in a real location - the Planýrka area of Brno – Královo Pole. The location caught our attention because of its specific characteristics, or its creation is influenced by the long-standing, problematic spatial policy of the city of Brno. The site has thus become an example of anthropocentric abuse of the environment. The exploitation is caused by the careless interventions of the urban policy of the city of Brno, extensive exploitation by development projects, and, above all, the prospect that the land is to be used for the accumulation of profit. The video uses narrative techniques to create a documentary portrait of the area. The speculative narrative unfolds from the character of Ruby, an immigrant woman who visits diverse elements of the landscape as a temporary employee of the user satisfaction verification technology firm BCI. Furthermore, the video intersects characters linked by their different relationships to the environment. The territory does not become a flat setting but a factor influencing land-planning processes and development interests through its properties.
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