Tomáš Uhlík

Tomáš Uhlík completed his bachelor’s studies at Prague’s FAMU in 2022. His first studies took place at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the Liberec Technical University, where he also completed his studies with a bachelor’s degree. His cinematography debut Brutal heat received a special jury award at the Karlovy Vary IFF this year and won the Finale Plzeň. His work focuses mainly on fiction. Currently, he is working with Rozálie Kohoutová, the director of the film “FC Roma” on an upcoming feature film and is developing a TV series with her for Czech Television. For 2024, he is preparing together with the director Bohdan Karásek and with the producer Ondřej Lukeš (Beginner’s Mind) the film Mistryně, for which they have now received the Czech Cinematography Fund.

In the documentary environment, he was filming with Robin Kvapil the director’s film, More Miko, which was also awarded at the Finale Plzeň. With Jakub Felcman, he collaborated on his documentary about Jaroslav Kučera. The documentary “Amplified Silence”, which he filmed with director Marek Mrkvička, was nominated for the Pavel Koutecký Award in 2022. Tomáš’s short film JAN, a documentary about composer Jan Klusák, which he also directed, won the main prize in the short film section at the Cinema Oko Ostrava for the year 2022. The film had its premiere at the IDFF Jihlava. At the moment, JAN is nominated at the festival Unbreakable and Sacrificed (Anti-Communist Resistance in Film).

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