"I see the film festival as a sui generis public service medium. It acquires, ranks, and broadcasts audiovisual content, not only locally but also globally via online platforms. When I found out that Polish state television had dedicated its second channel to the distribution of Ukrainian television and that a similar move had been made by Radio France International thought we could do the same. That's what we do. And when the festival is on, one hall will be dedicated to screening Ukrainian TV non-stop. Without translation, because it is the smallest discomfort and a gesture of the will to know and understand the language."
Jakub Felcman

Sunset Cinema film program was replaced in February 2022 by Ukrainian Television (Nacionalna suspilna teleradiokompanija Ukraine), which on our online platform runs all day and all night. We see watching the latest news from war-torn Ukraine as a sign of solidarity. We were inspired by the Polish state television (Telewizja Polska S. A.), which dedicated its second channel to the NSTU broadcast. The content of the broadcast is without subtitles and without dubbing, but we believe that it is still understandable – the image and the sound speak for themselves.

Sunset Cinema is the online screening room of the International Film Festival Ostrava Kamera Oko. From dusk till dawn, a film program runs on the website www.kinosoumraku.cz, which cannot be started, slowed down or, on the contrary, sped up. But neither can it be stopped. It is freely accessible to anyone without registration. The online platform Sunset Cinema was created in 2020 in response to the then global coronavirus pandemic, during which the operation of cultural institutions and events was severely restricted. For this reason, the 12th Ostrava Kamera Oko was held as an exception in two weekend blocks. Unfortunately, shortly after a successful first weekend (26th -27th 9. 2020) the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic deteriorated rapidly, a state of emergency was introduced, and culture was again canceled. So, we decided to realize the second festival block online — on 6th-8th 11.2020, we presented films by foreign filmmakers Kleber Mendonça Filho and Radu Jude and a group of films by young Czech cinematographers.
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