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The jubilee year of the festival Ostrava Kamera Oko is approaching. Already on 25 September the viewers will have the possibility to enjoy six festival days full of great film experience, presentations, workshops and music.

The festival centre is again going to be in the cultural centre Provoz Hlubina in Lower Vítkovice. Here, the visitors will be able to collect their accreditations and view an exhibition of posters from all the previous festival years. The films competing in the sections of Official Selection and Short Film Competition are going to be screened in the great room of the cinema Cineport and also in the nearby Science and Technological Centre Ostrava from Thursday to Sunday. In the cinema Cineport, the programme is going to continue during the whole festival time.

In the Official Selection there are 6 films that in majority have been appraised at elite European festivals. There is going to be screened Azougue Nazaré, a winner of the Rotterdam section Bright Future;  unconventional film Toppen av ingenting (The Real Estate) by Axel Petersén and Måns Månsson who are watching a businesswoman and femme fatale in the field of real estate business; simple and crazy Romanian film from the football environment Fotbal infinit (Infinit Football);  Indian love story by Rohena Gera Monsieur (Sir); Chilean film about growing up Tarde para morir joven (Too Late To Die Young); also a unique four part series of this year late film magician  Claude Lanzmann Les Quatre Sœurs (Four Sisters) which draws on the shooting collected in the 70s originally for his masterpiece Shoah.

The festival is going to be started by a unique, recently finished portrait of a camerawoman Agnès Godard. It was shot by Jakub Felcman, the main dramaturge of the Official Selection, during the last year Cameraman days. We are going to focus on this artist also in the film Vnitřní slunce.

This year Ostrava Kamera Oko is also going to feature a documentary dedicated to another famous cameraman, Carlo di Palma, who was a co-worker of famous artists such as Woody Allen or Michelangelo Antonioni. The film is called Water and Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life.

Visitors can be looking forward to a masterclass of a Czech camerawoman Jana Hojdová. It will be joined by a screening of her short films. She is a successful young camerawoman from a family with a long history of cameramen.

We chose the following 6 candidates into the Short Film Competition: Cukr a sůl by a native of Ostrava David Hofmann (camera) and Adam Martinec (direction); new film Garáž by Matěj Piňos; film I’m So Tired of Being Alone by Filip Rejč (camera) and Jakub Jirásek (direction); Magic Moments by Radka Šišuláková (camera) and Martina Buchelová (direction), Rekonstrukce by Šimon Dvořáček, Jiří Havlíček a Ondřej Novák that was screened in Locarno and here in Ostrava, it will be screened in presence of the authors; and a mosaic of the circus performers life Zaspać filmed by Tomáš Kotas.

Members of the jury in the Short Film Competition are the following: the above-mentioned Jana Hojdová, Slovakian camerawoman Denisa Buranová that was awarded the price Slnko v sieti for her debut Piata loď directed by Iveta Grófová, and Edita Kainrathová who has been cooperating for example with Klára Tasovská and Jiří Mádl and who is currently cooperating on documentaries for the Czech Television.

Members of the main jury of the Official Selection are the following: Swedish camerawoman Maja Dennhag whose debut Heart (Hjärtat) directed by Fanni Metelius was included in the section Bright Future in Rotterdam this year, French cameraman talent Paul Guilhaume, who was a cameraman of for example a film Ava, featured in this year selection of the Critics’ Week in Cannes and a successful Spanish cameraman Santiago Racaj.

The Official Selection awards are going to be presented during a gala evening in the mine Barbora in Karviná on Saturday 29/9 at 8 p.m. Awards of the Short Film Competition are going to be presented on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at PLATO Gallery.

On Friday 28/9 at 9:30 p.m.  at PLATO Gallery there is going to be an evening event dedicated to electronic music by the group Audio_Video_Bass. It is a tenth part of the music event series Banket which is already well known in the Ostrava region.


Festival accreditations can be purchased through the portal GoOut, at the ticket offices of the cooperating one-room cinemas (Minikino, Kino Art), at the cooperating design shop TY Identity (Poštovní 39/2, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz).


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