The International Film Festival Ostrava Kamera Oko celebrates 10 years of its existence

During 25–30th September 2018 the tenth anniversary year of the International Film Festival Ostrava Kamera Oko with a focus on cinematographic work will take place. The screenings will take place both in the traditional premises of the Ostrava single-room cinemas and in the untraditional places that are going to be gradually revealed.

The main topic of the 10th year of Ostrava Kamera Oko is the Portrait of a Lady. The cinematographic festival has always been reflecting on the role of women in the director position, behind the camera or in any other creative role, but this year, even more attention will be paid to ladies of all ages. The jubilee year also celebrates the ladies in the festival management. Already at the beginning of 2008, Anna Kopecká was the leading person of this film event, and from 2017 the creative director has been Gabriela Knýblová.

Festival dramaturge Tomáš Zetek says the following: “We see the portrait of a lady as a specific discipline that has been carried out by a number of filmmakers over the more than hundred years of the film media. The programme part of the same name features films with distinctive female figures. We have attempted to include a wide range of female heroines, such as a girl, a teenage woman, a mother, an action heroine, both oppressed
and emancipated women, a woman in a leading position, and many others. You can look forward to both films of the cult character and those less well-known, representatives of classical Hollywood cinema, independent films and films by young European filmmakers.”

We are going to release all programme items in the coming months. But we can already tell that the festival flagship film will be Jane Campion’s the Portrait of a Lady with Nicole Kidman in the lead role. However, the dramaturgical goal is not to concentrate only on the woman role but also to focus on the importance of the audiovisual portrait in the general sense. For this reason, we decided to include also a unique series of works
by Martin Kohout into the programme. Martin Kohout is the current winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Prize. It will feature the award-winning Slides, a short film that deals in an untraditional form with the fate of selected characters whose working life takes place mainly at night. Gabriela Knáblová adds to this issue: “This is a work that is part of Kohout’s bigger project focused on the lives of night workers. Our goal was to use the unique opportunity to comprehensively present for the first time the project to the Czech audience. That’s why we’ll also show the film About Night Shifts, presenting interviews with night workers.”

The press release is accompanied by the press kit of the official visual branding of Ostrava Kamera Oko 2018, which was made by the cooperating graphic designer Marek Fanta. Sale of discounted accreditations has been launched. It is possible to purchase the accreditation through the GoOut portal, at the ticket offices of the cooperating one-room cinemas (Minikino, Kino Art), at the cooperating design shop TY Identity. On the spot, the visitor will always receive a numbered voucher, which they are to show at the time of Ostrava Kamera Oko 2018 in the festival centre and they will consequently get their accreditation.

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