Televize Estráda: Hospodin presents Esráj

Exhibition – Hospodin uvádí Esráj (Hospodin presents Esráj), Vitrína Deniska, Denisova 5, 779 00 Olomouc
Performance – Laura Witowska x Raw Rave
“And on the sixth day, God created man in His own liking. On the seventh day he rested and left His creations in the fold of chaos. Esraj, a place of natural scenes and decent manners in inter-county analogue broadcasting.“
Estráda Television has prepared a site-specific installation measuring 108 × 164 × 34 cm for the Ostrava Kamera Oko festival and the Olomouc display gallery Vitrína Deniska. The installation responds to the theme of the festival and is a joint collage of all the Television staff. The main sponsor of the Estrada Television programmes is the Hospodin brewery. Television

Estráda also presents a puppet theatre/dj-mix/dance music/light show starring Polish artist Laura Witowska. Together with the Prague sound system Raw Rave, Laura creates a music and light show loosely based on the 90's free techno scene. Elements of industrial techno, trap, and gabber hardcore appear in the mix.
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