Edith Jeřábková en

Edith Jeřábková is a curator of contemporary art. She emphasizes the role of intuition and non-hierarchical cooperation. She is interested in spatial concepts of exhibitions, communication of works, care, and a sensitive approach to art objects and their authors. Edith traces the transformative processes in Czech art over the last 40 years. She explores the permaculture, artistic intersections, and interconnectedness of ethical, ecological, and aesthetic relationships in soil and landscape systems and interspecies communities. She observes these lively interactions in the gallery environment as a curator at PLATO Ostrava and outside the gallery as a member of LES – Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art; Are and the Institute of Anxiety. Until recently, most of her activities involved pedagogical work at UMPRUM. In the past, she has also worked in the following institutions: Galerie Klatovy/Klenová, Scientific Research Institute of the Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Art Olomouc, Fotograf Gallery, Kurzor, and Centre for Contemporary Art Prague. She is engaged in publishing and editorial activities. Edith lives in a forest in the Eagle Mountains.

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